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Offering Mental Health/Substance Abuse Services and Counselor Training Courses

Life Changing Ministries Inc. has been helping people with mental health and substance abuse issues since 2014.

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About Life Changing Ministries Inc. in Milwaukee, Wisconsin 


Life Changing Ministries Substance Abuse Outpatient Services was founded by Robert Harris, who wanted to help youths, individuals, and families overcome the many obstacles that prevent them from achieving their dreams and goals.

The staff has more than 30 years of combined experience in Social Services and Spiritual Guidance, working with youths, individuals, and families in the community who have suffered from drugs, alcohol and mental health issues. The Clinical Director and Ministers possess knowledge in fields related to providing the necessary array of services related to this population of youth, individuals and families.

Life Changing Ministries Substance Abuse Outpatient Services is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization designed to help individuals through a Spiritual Awakening. Target clients include adults, youths, and families who are struggling with alcohol and other drugs, education, mental health issues, and other issues that place them at risk of failing in life.

Life Changing Ministries Substance Abuse Outpatient Services is committed to the treatment of Substance Abuse that provides a holistic treatment approach that encompasses client’s environmental, physiological, psychological, and social aspects, while addressing ethic and cultural values.

We are firm in the belief of the clinical and Spiritual approach, and we are prepared for the dysfunctional aspects of the disease and Spiritual Illiteracy, including the displacement of persons who once rose from the rubbish of poverty, only to return by the hand of the Substance Abuse/Mental Health Illness and Spiritual Attacks.

Our Clinical and Spiritual Services recognize that no one course of treatment is going to be appropriate for all clients and that specific social and cultural differences will necessitate the availability of various treatment modalities.

Although many issues that will be resolved during treatment may be psychological in nature, it is necessary that clients be given a holistic and culturally sensitive environment that will encourage self-esteem, cultural worth, improved coping mechanisms, and problem-solving skills through a Spiritual Awakening.

Since Substance Abuse/Addiction can create medically related problems, an interdisciplinary approach is used to address the complex physical and psychological problems under the direction and leadership of the medical staff. In order for treatment to be most effective, the process must involve the whole individual and address those issues that clearly affect his/her well-being.

Therefore, Life Changing Ministries Substance Abuse Outpatient Services makes available services specifically directed at the individual’s medical, psychological, social, vocational, legal, and spiritual needs.

An important aspect of the treatment process is the involvement of the family. These involvements are vital and critical for a complete picture of the affected member and to the provision of appropriate intervention and are to arrest the pattern of abuse or dependence and enable the client to begin the long process of recovery in a supportive environment.

All as a part of the recovery process that will anchor a client to the commitment to lifestyle change and reconstruction.

Mission Philosophy

Our Mission: The Mission of Life Changing Ministries Substance Abuse Outpatient Services is to assist individuals, youth, adults, and families with making choices that will determine the course of their lives and assist them to become stronger, independent, and empowered people to make decisions about the quality of life they seek or desire to have.

Life Changing Ministries Substance Abuse Outpatient Services is to provide comprehensive, direct Spiritual Guidance and culturally specific, community-based services to clients regardless of their race, creed, national origin, or religion. Services are designed to assist the client in problem resolution.

This includes helping the client to acknowledge, learn about, and develop positive Spiritual coping mechanisms with respect to addressing their problems, to gain the skills and support needed to function independently in the community; take responsibility for directing their own lives and be a positive functioning member of the community.

Life Changing Ministries Substance Abuse Outpatient Services is committed to the treatment of Substance Abuse/addiction and family dysfunction among all ethnic groups.

Life Changing Ministries Substance Abuse Outpatient Services recognizes the disease and spiritual illiteracy entity of Substance Abuse addiction coupled with the violence and poverty of today’s lifestyles, be it in the inner city and/or the suburbs only, compounds the problems faced by many youths and families and perpetuates the compulsive and dysfunctional use of mood- and mind-altering substances.

The dysfunctional aspects of the disease include psychological dependence, pharmacological tolerance to substances, physical dependence, pathological changes in various organ functions, and the deterioration of the family/social life, work/school performance, and other forms of maladaptive behavior, but most importantly, Spiritual Death.


Life Changing Ministries Substance Abuse Outpatient Services has major goal areas identified to serve the needs of individuals, families, and the community through the provision of interdisciplinary care.

Subsequent to each goal is a series of primary objectives that address Life Changing Ministries Substance Abuse Outpatient Services’ philosophical concerns and the direction of our Substance Abuse/Mental Health Clinical Services.

Goal 1

Life Changing Ministries Substance Abuse Outpatient Services will treat the Substance Abusing/Dependent clients in order to arrest the pattern of Substance Abuse and allow the individual to clarify his/her values and enhance physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual development towards becoming a fully mature and productive member of the community.

To provide group therapy to individual clients to increase peer interaction through directed facilitation to modify dysfunctional drug dependent and socially aberrant behavior.

Goal 2

Life Changing Ministries Substance Abuse Outpatient Services will treat the Substance Abusing/Dependent adult to halt the progressive nature of Alcoholism or other Substance Abuse and return the individual to a functional, productive, and chemically free life.

  • To provide individual counseling to adult clients experiencing a moderate degree of dysfunction due to Substance Abuse based upon a treatment plan formulated with the client and medical staff.
  • To provide individual counseling to adult clients who have completed inpatient care and need further individualized treatment to resolve ongoing issues and problems.
  • To provide individual counseling to adults who may have completed treatment and have subsequently encountered problems in maintaining abstinence or are experiencing dysfunctional behavior patterns.
  • To provide group therapy to alcoholic and drug-dependent adult clients through a long-term, intensive, confrontive, supportive, and Spiritual approach.
  • To provide structured group treatment to adult clients who are able to function in work/home environments. This includes information and education, as well as treatment for the client and his/her family.
  • To provide educational, spiritual, and therapeutic services to family members of the primary adult client.

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Goal 3

Life Changing Ministries Substance Abuse Outpatient Services will provide supportive services and continuing treatment for those clients discharged from primary care.

To provide to recently discharged clients, through a mutually agreed upon aftercare plan, and further group or individual sessions that are appropriate for the development and maintenance of a community support system when returning to family or independent living situations. 

Goal 4

Life Changing Ministries Substance Abuse Outpatient Services will provide specialized consultation, diagnostic, and treatment services for those Substance Abuse-dependent clients who exhibit psychiatric and psychological dysfunctions. To provide appropriate diagnosis through consultation with the Medical Director for clients admitted to the Clinic.

To provide treatment or referral for needed psychiatric and psychological services for clients.

Goal 5

Introductory to Addiction From a Spiritual Aspect

  1. What is the reasoning behind the attacks of addiction?
  2. What are the ramifications that are related to addiction Spiritually?
  3. Discussing some of the root causes of these Spiritual attacks.
  4. Why certain people are more prone to suffering from addiction than others.
  5. The importance of dealing with the addiction through a Spiritual Awakening.

Introductory to Spiritual Methods Dealing With Addiction

  1. Prayer
  2. Bible and Spiritual Devotional reading
  3. Issue Identification from a Spiritual Understanding
  4. Learning who God is and how He will help you on this journey
  5. Developing a personal relationship with God vs. a Religious relationship

Introductory to Spiritual Warfare

  1. Overview of the Powers and Principalities that we are facing in the Spiritual Realm
  2. The full Armor of God and the Meaning behind it.
  3. Discussing the difference between our own selfish and sinful ways to the Devil’s suggestions and influence.
  4. Discussing who we are according to God and who the World says we should be.
  5. Recognizing some of the devil tactics he uses against us.